Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Teach Baby to Read with Brillkids Little Reader - a Mom's Review

Are you looking for the best way to teach your child to read? If you are, I am hoping that my experience and review will be helpful for you. I know that teaching baby to read can get eye-rolled reaction from people who don't understand the idea or theory behind early reading. If you put those negative and doubt feeling aside, chin up and keep on teaching, your baby will learn to read in no time. There are plenty of tools in the market but the best and the mother of all teach reading tool is Brillkids Little Reader.

Why is Brillkids Little Reader the Best Tool to Teach Baby to Read?

Unlike other tools, Little Reader is a software computer specially designed to deliver reading lessons to children of all ages. Brillkids use technology to help busy parents teach their babies to read. Forget about spending your nights creating your own paper flashcards. Little Reader has a ready to use curriculum. The daily lessons were designed to make teaching baby to read an easy job. You simply start teaching with a mouse click. Also, the curriculum is available on iPad. You can teach at home or on the go.

What is The Method Behind Little Reader?

The contents of the reading curricular consists of several types of lessons. Each lesson is special and has its own merit. These are the lessons that you will see when you use Little Reader to teach your baby to read.
  • Picture Flash: Flash method was chosen as the default playback for this lesson. You child will see each picture flashing on the screen at rapid speed. Right brain is the dominant brain in young baby and it has an amazing ability to absorb unlimited amount of information in seconds. Using the flash method helps stimulate the right brain. Your child learns faster, better, and retain information for longer period of time with their right brain.
  • Multisensory: This is the most powerful lessonss in the Little Reader's lessons. Teaching with this method involves as much senses as possible. You child will learn the words, and also understand the meaning of written language which is the beginning of learning to how to read. During the lessons, babies are encouraged to sound out the words, hear, see, act out, or even "taste" the objects that parents use as prop during lessons.
  • Sight Word: Using the same method as Picture Flash, sight word lessons consists of 220 Dolch Sight Word lists. These are words that appear over and over again in simple children books. Many of these words can't be sounded out phonetically so the best way to help young children learn to read Dolch's sight words are by using whole-word approach. Children will see the whole words display rapidly on the screen.
  • Pattern Phonics : Also using the flash method, the Pattern Phonics lessons were designed to help children learn "part" of the words. Each word is color-coded and grouped in the same word family, making it's easy for children to see how the word is built. This will helps your child learn to decode written language intuitively.
  • Word Split: For those of you who are into phonic approach, you will love these lessons. Each word in this lesson category is split into part by phoneme or syllable. Each part has its own sound. Your child learns that words are the combination of sounds and this will help your child learn to read a lot quicker.
Brirllkids offers 14 days free trial and also the Little Reader LITE software is free. You can sign up as a Brillkids member and get to use the software for life! You may use BKAFF3591 discount code for Little Reader. You will get extra 10% off the retail price.